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Global cultures &
communication strategies
We inspire, educate, empower and help teams build trust and become high-performing.


Meetings with a clear purpose result in efficient meetings

Cultural intelligence (CQ)

Cultural intelligence is the foundation for all effective interactions and global leadership

Team building

High-performing teams need a solid foundation and a strong trust in each other

Culture training for expatriates

Pre-departure cultural training for the whole family before relocation to another country

1 June2018

Book release

Welcome to our book release on the 1 June 14.30-17.00. Swedish Friday-fika with coffee and cake, and at 15.30-15.50 Pia will present the new book Meeting Sense and how it can be used as a tool for meetings. You can read an excerpt from the book under The Chadberg Model on this web site.

Where: Storgatan 3 in Gothenburg

There are two versions of the book, one in Swedish and one in English, and a copy can be bought at the introductory price of 220 sek at the release.

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