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In In physical, virtual and hybrid meetings, we meet and exchange thoughts, knowledge and experiences. We brainstorm, decide, inform and discuss. And still many of our meetings are not very efficient since the meeting design is not tailormade to meet the need of that particular meeting.

The Chadberg’s Scale’s meeting model will help you to align your expectations of each meeting situation. This will boost cooperation, something which is crucial, especially in cross-cultural contexts.


  • Diploma training for Leading Meetings in a Global and Online World ( 2 days + 1/2 day)
  • How to lead efficient meetings
  • Presentation technique – how to improve yours presentations
  • Tailormade trainings and workshops

New book in Spring 2023!

Meeting Cookbook – A Handbook in Leading Meetings in a Global and Online World

Our new book is the latest in the award-winning series, and focuses on the art of creating meaningful meetings, regardless of whether we meet digitally, physically, or in a hybrid meeting. The authors are Erik Mattson – CEO and founder of Ordrum, and Pia Moberg. The book is a unique combination of Pia’s and Erik’s knowledge and experience of meetings and how to increase meeting productivity.

In the book you will learn, among other things:

  • To understand the different roles of the moderator/chairperson
  • To choose efficient meeting methods and tools
  • To use dialogue tools to work efficiently when we speak different languages
  • To use cultural tools to facilitate when we work in groups with several (organisational or/and national) cultures
  • To use meeting methods to create engagement in the meeting
  • To understand the difference between physical, digital and hybrid meetings
  • To understand various presentations styles and their impact on the meeting participants


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