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In meetings, we meet and exchange thoughts, knowledge and experiences. We brainstorm, decide, inform and discuss. And we sometimes find ourselves spending endless hours in diffuse and seemingly futile meetings without clear goals, with decisions that fizzle out.

The Chadberg Scale’s meeting model will help you to agree and align your expectations of each meeting situation. This will boost cooperation, something which is crucial especially in cross-cultural contexts where communication is often virtual.


From the content

  • The Chadberg Scale
  • The Cultural World Map
  • Meeting expectations in various cultures
  • Useful tools in the Chadberg Model
  • Virtual meetings

The detailed content is determined in consultation with the client – public sector organisations and global companies might have different challenges to make their meetings work optimally.

The precursor to ”Meeting” training is ”Team building” where we work on developing a Code of Conduct in the organization, company or team.


Duration: ½ Day – 1 Day
Participants: 4-16
Material: Meeting sense

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