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Japco was founded in 1994. While it initially provided support and training for companies and organisations to interact with their Japanese counterparts, Japco has since expanded to offer training with a focus on understanding the dynamics of cross-cultural meetings, cultural intelligence (CQ) and team building. Japco Publishing House is a part of Japco.

Pia Moberg

Author, trainer, coach and CEO at Japco. She holds a PhD in Japanese Studies from Gothenburg University. Pia has a special research focus on CQ leadership and communication, meeting practices and how to manage cross-cultural teams. She is a certified coach and a member of Sietar Europa and has, together with Peter Chadwick, written the book Meeting Sense: The Chadberg Model – a guide to efficient meetings on all levels in any culture.

You can find more information about Pia and her publications here [pdf].

Peter Chadwick

Peter Chadwick is an engineer, project manager, aviator and cross-cultural coach working worldwide from his base in France. His qualifications include engineering, project management, both general and cross-cultural coaching certifications and a private pilot’s licence. He has been awarded the status of Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and is certified in the Kirkpatrick approach to competence development.

Peter has a long track record of designing and facilitating pragmatic support to individuals, teams and organisations – harnessing the power of international collective intelligence for business success through such factors as leadership, innovation, technology, sales and agile project management. Peter has together with Pia Moberg written the book Meeting Sense: The Chadberg Model – a guide to efficient meetings on all levels in any culture.

Pia Andersson

Academically, Pia has a vast experience in conflict resolution, drama pedagogy, group dynamics group processes and mediation. Apart from being a lecturer and researcher at Gothenburg University she is also a consultant for the business sector and local government. She is supervisor at the Programme for headmasters and is at the final stage of writing her PhD on group cooperation related to complex issues.

Pia is devoted to working with groups and helping them solve their problems in the best way possible. She cooperates with Japco in the areas of Meetings and Team Building.

Gregor Schill

Gregor has a long experience of educating individuals and groups in coaching, coaching leadership, coaching related to stress and mental training. Gregor also works a lot with peak performance in sports and many of his clients are athletes and leaders in business. He is certified in DISC and GDQ, and is the head of the Association of Business and Leadership Coaching (ABLC) – an organization specializing in education and individual programs in leadership, coaching and personal development. He has written books on coaching and mental training.

Gregor works with Japco in providing seminars and training on Meetings, Building Teams and CQ Leadership Training.

Sven Calander

Sven Calander is a civil engineer whose professional career was based in China from the mid-1980s, holding senior positions in large and medium-sized Swedish companies and the Swedish Embassy. His last major assignment was as Technical Director of the Swedish Pavilion at the EXPO 2010 World Exhibition in Shanghai. Since 2012, Sven has been running China Competence Consulting, focusing on China. He has also developed and implemented language courses in Mandarin for professionals.

Sven works with Japco on seminars and training focused on China in Cultural Competence and Culture Training for Expatriates.

You can read more about Sven here [pdf].

Jan Retsö

Jan Retsö is Professor Emeritus in Arabic at Gothenburg University. He graduated in linguistics studies with modern Arabic language 1983 and has since been researching and teaching the Arabic language, Arabic literature and Middle east history from ancient times. Jan has published fifty scientific articles plus three monographs on different aspects of the Arabic language and Arab history. He speaks both Arabic and Hebrew and has knowledge of several other languages ​​in the Middle East.

Five decades of experience in the region has developed a deep understanding for the history of the Middle East and its contemporary development. Jan has lived in Israel / Palestine, Syria, Yemen and Egypt and has extensive practical experience in problem solving, conflict management and the codes that apply in everyday life in the Middle Eastern countries.

Jan is working with Japco to provide seminars and insights into the Middle East in Cultural Competence and Culture Training for Expatriates.

Some of our clients

  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Volvo Group
  • Sony Ericson
  • Epsilon
  • iTech
  • McNeil
  • SCA
  • Nolato
  • Dentsply
  • NYK
  • Göteborgs stad
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