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Culture training for expatriates

Our pre-departure culture training prepares the whole family before international relocation. You will get an introduction to the new country/region covering both business communication as well as societal and cultural aspects. Our objective is to bridge the culture gap to create a smooth transition.



  • CQ and various cultural models
  • Knowledge about you own country
  • Knowledge about the host country
  • Differences and similarities between my background and the host country
  • Country profile basic: history, society and political life, value systems, culture
  • Country profile business: leadership, communication, meeting culture, decision making, problem solving
  • The situation for the accompanying partner/family
  • Culture shock & the adjustment process
  • Repatriation

The training is tailor made. We offer cultural training for all countries.


Duration:1-2 Days

Material:Meeting Sense and additional country/regional specific materials.

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