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Global Mobility Academy

– does your organization take in or send out expats?

The Global Mobility Academy is a cooperation between Charlotta Brynger, founder of CueMe and Pia Moberg, founder of Japco. In combining our professional competencies, we offer a solid, relevant and up-to-date relocation training service. Our services are delivered in digital, face to face or blended learning formats. We have a global reach and tailor our products to the needs of our clients, delivered by us or other qualified country-specific trainers. Our base is in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We can help you and your assignees to a seamless global mobility experience.

As culture experts, we offer you a unique service as we prepare your staff for international assignments with a 360º perspective. Through our services you will be able to leverage competence and retain skilled staff long-term.

As sending someone abroad is a costly business, our support will assure your organization to get the best return of investment by providing services for both head office and assignee.

An organization taking in expats benefits greatly from knowing  from the start how to best integrate the new employee, as well as prepare the rest of the organization to ensure the most favorable and inclusive work environment.

The 360º Concept

  • On demand transformational education, coaching and support of assignee on settling into a new culture and functioning in a new role.
  • A Global Mobility Plan – supporting HR and Management for each individual assignee, to harness new skills in the interest of the individual and the organization. As well as ensure keeping the talent within the organization as they return back to the home base.
  • Support for the receiving organization when taking in expats – such as how to best integrate a new assignee from another culture, both at work and in their private life. In addition, the skills necessary for working successfully in multicultural teams and how to lead across different cultural expectations.

Add-ons for the assignee:

  • Relocation coaching support for the assignee
  • Swedish for Executives or Business English

Add-ons for the organization:

  • A Global Mobility Plan for the organization
  • “Managing International Assignees” for Executive Leadership and HR
  • “Working in Multicultural Teams”

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