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A coaching approach means that you support a client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal, by raising awareness and responsibility to unlock potential and maximize performance. As a coach we listen to the coachee on different levels, ask powerful questions, and use various models to move forward.

A cornerstone in coaching is by asking questions to understand the situation of the coachee. We should not give advice or instruct, or use our references in the coaching dialogue. But if the coachee has a different background and the conditions are unknown?

At Japco we have an intercultural coaching perspective. In Sweden, for example, we assume that we are all equal and can express whatever we want to anyone regardless of position. But how will it influence the coaching if the coachee is brought up in a culture with high power distance? In Sweden, we also assume that we are individuals who can represent ourselves in all situations. But what if the coachee is used to a culture where a collective response, the need to anchor all decisions in a group, is the norm? And what about concepts such as trust and truth?

Lectures and training

Are you a coach, facilitator, or work in HR? do employee interviews, recruitment interviews or employee development, or have a leadership position with colleagues with a multicultural background? Then you will get useful insights in our one day training Coaching Leadership from a Cultural perspective.

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