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The Chadberg Model

The Chadberg Scale is a model consisting of five part circular diagram inspired by the barometer as a means of measuring pressure in weather systems. The Chadberg Scale is a new tool which helps you to optimize meetings and processes by aligning the expectations and actions of participants. Each meeting level is defined in the Chadberg Scale by its corresponding language usage, preparation, execution and follow-up.

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Our goal in each particular meeting is symbolized by a hot air balloon over a landscape. How clear our goal is depends on the level of pressure (level of necessity) and haze (level of clarity) in each meeting. By aligning participants expectations with defined meeting criteria, your meetings will become more efficient and effective.

The Chadberg Model comprises the Chadberg Scale, and tools are provided (including Offshore English, aviation language and the cultural world map) to enable you to understand the various levels in theory and practice.

You can learn more about the Chadberg Model and the Chadberg Scale in our latest book Meeting Sense which is an essential tool in our cross-cultural training. You can read the pre-view here.

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You can buy a hard copy of the book in Swedish internet bookshops, at Japco’s office in Gothenburg or as a part of our training package. Meeting Sense is also available as an e-book.

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